Etiquette & Life Skills Tips

Teens and Peer Pressure – Making Tough Choices

It’s isn’t easy being a teen – so many temptations, sooo many choices.

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Can Etiquette Affect Our Marriage?

Etiquette can play a major factor in how we select our mates. It may provide a glimpse into how a person will treat…

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Ethics and Etiquette

How many ways can people find to annoy each other? Judging from my mail, quite a few. Many annoyances are part of everyday life, but others come our…

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How To Hold Your Rice Bowl Properly

As one can imagine, the Japanese, steeped in tradition, honor, and culture, take their etiquette seriously. To correctly hold the rice bowl, place…

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Job Interview Etiquette

Tips On How To Land That Job! Practice interviewing with a friend. You may need to hone your job interviewing skills. No one’s asking you to…

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Garbage Etiquette

How often do we throw out garbage without a thought to possible serious repercussions of unsecured refuse? Garbage often contains jagged, sharp lids from canned goods, plastic bags (that in the hands of a child can lead to suffocation), and broken glass – a cornucopia of health and safety hazards. Simply put, it’s unsanitary and unsightly…

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Flu Etiquette

As a result of H1N1 fears, a new type of etiquette is getting a lot of attention. Gone are the days where there was a heavy emphasis by etiquette…

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