Etiquette & Life Skills Tips

Kids Who Go Off To Military School Come Back With Good Manners

Why can’t schools find a place for a full fledged etiquette, soft skills and life skills curriculum?

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Happy Hanukkah!

The Festival of Lights . . . Happy Hanukkah.

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Just Get On With It!

Do we move on or do we just make excuses? When I talk to some of my athlete friends and how they grew up, they said that quitting was not an option as the only way “out” was by being good at a sport so that became their goal. Ever wonder how single parents do it? They do it because their kids depend on them. They find a way.

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No Excuses

Why Are Wedding Invitations Hand Written?

What is the history behind handwritten wedding invitations? There is a new trend developing where couples are opting for email or online wedding invitations. What do you think? Are email wedding invitation acceptable?

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BRIDE Holding Red Roses_3639_20090118

Talking Politics At The Office Is Risky Business!

I have a friend who is avoiding her office as she is of one party affiliation and 99% of her co-workers are for the other party. She is finding it difficult to enter her own office. She states that the political conversations continue all day and she feels that it’s inconsiderate for them to hurl such harsh remarks, knowing where she stands politically. Since political debate lends itself to emotionally charged discussion . . .

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Election 2012

Why Does The Pig Dig For The Truffle? Fun facts about one of the most expensive foods in the world!

So what makes a female pig go so crazy over truffles? Special truffle sniffing pigs, with an innate sense of smell for the delicacies, were at one time, exclusively used to find them, and they still are, in certain parts of the world. But what’s the secret? Ah . . . you guessed it.

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One of the most expensive foods in the world!

Business Dining – Know when to talk shop!

Know the purpose of the Business Lunch or Dinner. In an effort to impress, an employee will talk shop to the boss or to anyone who will listen. This may not be the time.

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Businesspeople having a lunch break.

Email Etiquette

You’re representing your company’s image when composing or responding to emails.

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Computer Email

July 4th Tips . . .This is the worst day for pet runaways!

July 4th tips – Be safe, Be mannerly and remember, this is the greatest time for pet runaways!

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Whatever Happened to Respect For Elders and Customer Service?

What has happened to Respect and Customer Service? At a restaurant in Boca Raton this week, I was quite disturbed by what happened. A younger waiter was completely disrespectful to his senior co-worker.

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Penne Pasta
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