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As every trial lawyer knows, the truth is often not enough. Unfortunately, juries don’t always reward truthfulness as much as they reward persuasiveness and believability.

Many of your clients have never been deposed.

Some have never even stepped inside a courtroom!

Many are not aware that they have nervous gestures (looking away, tapping their fingers, biting their lips, blinking incessantly) that make them seem unpersuasive.

We can help your clients prepare to testify at trial or in deposition!

We can assist you, the attorney, in becoming a more effective litigator by learning how to convincingly make your argument, speak articulately, and have the jury’s undivided attention!

Using many of the same techniques we use to help actors prepare for stage and television, we videotape you or your client to show the ‘before’ and ‘after’ and teach you or your client how to tell his story comfortably and credibly.

We focus on body language, gestures, eye contact, speech inflection, tone, posture, make-up, hairstyle and appropriate attire.

Don’t let your client lose out on his/her best chance at justice!

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With a little witness or trial preparation coaching, your client or you, the attorney, can become more confident and portray that to the judge and jury.

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