Table Manners

Etiquette is More . . .
Than Just Table MannersSM!

For most people, the word “Etiquette” is synonymous with Table Manners.  We’ve tried to demonstrate differently.

Throughout our Palm Beach School of Etiquette website, we highlight the various arenas of Etiquette that far exceed Table Manners.

Nevertheless, good Table Manners are crucial and deserve a category all their own.

So Five Star, Seven Course dining, here we come!

Businesses will often determine whether or not they will pursue a relationship with you, based on your behavior at a restaurant.  Did you know that in business, CEO’s will often use a wine list as a test?  For friends, it may determine whether or not they choose to join you for public dinners or invite you to special gatherings and functions.

Many an uncomfortable moment has sent us squirming in a formal restaurant, staring down at a sea of flatware and crystal, not knowing where to begin.  Shock and embarrassment set in.  Why, oh why, must there be so many different forks?  We excuse ourselves to the restroom, hoping that someone will have started to dine (bad etiquette!) so that we can in turn emulate them.

In our class, we guide you through seven course dining, explaining each step of the way what goes where and when to use it.

For example, many people, to this day, have never experienced “intermezzo”.  But  . . . if you’re are faced with it, isn’t it better to know?  One CEO professed his confusion as to why the ice cream was being served before the main course!  He was painfully embarrassed afterward.

Tipping is Telling!

Are you aware that if you’re paying the bill, your potential employer or present supervisor will often check with restaurant servers to see how you tipped?  It tells them something about character.  What might that be? We;ll tell you in class.

Do you know how to tip? Do you really? What about the wine steward?

In our seven course dining class, we address how to analyze a table setting, what to expect, how to navigate from course to course, proper tipping, seating arrangements and appropriate conversation.

This class is good for everyone!
Book this as a standalone class where do a dry run or as the real McCoy where we dine in style at a restaurant.  

Country Clubs, Women’s Groups, Universities, Churches, School Clubs, Colleges, Hotels, Banks, Corporations of any kind can all benefit from this class or our live 3 hour dinner!

You can arrange the seven course extravaganza to take place on your premises or join us at a local restaurant where we design the menu and all you have to do is show up! 

Schedule online now

If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to socialize while eating great food and learning! 


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