Public Speaking/Speech Prep

Does the thought of standing in front of a crowd and speaking absolutely terrify you?

You’re not alone.

Standing in front of a group of people and giving a speech is the number one fear in life!

There is an art to capturing and holding your audience’s attention!  Your speech should be concise, well-written, interlaced with humor, and make your point.  Color, inflection and punch – all  are buzzwords for delivering an effective speech.

Once you master your speech giving skills, what a sense of accomplishment!

  • Posture
  • Eye Contact
  • Working The Room With Your Eyes 
  • Natural Delivery
  • Proper Use of Hands
  • Body Language That Engages Rather Than Turns Off!
  • Using Humor
  • Asking Questions
  • Open, Middle, Close
  • Tell them you’re going to say, Say it, Then tell them what you just said!

This course is great for Litigators, Keynote Speakers, Project Managers, and anyone who wants to conquer that fear and boost their self-esteem!

We train the old fashioned way, using 3×5 cards and we work that speech until it sounds believable and commands attention.  We can even help you write it from beginning to end.

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Need to prepare for a shareholders meeting or a company presentation or how about running for that school office?  No worries – we do it over and over until you feel comfortable.

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