Modeling and Make-Up

Modeling – Learn how to perfect the walk.

Make-up – Learn proper techniques and when and where certain make-up is appropriate. 

Go-Sees allow you to be to seen in person, for others to have the chance to talk with you and decide if you have the look and personality for their particular needs.  It is an opportunity for the model to interview with clients such as magazine editors, catalogue houses, photographers, art directors, casting directors, and clients or those who make TV commercials and movies.

But before embarking on go-sees, you must be well equipped and prepared for the process.

Young women often struggle with the proper balance when it comes to make-up.  It should be age appropriate and should fit the occasion.  Nighttime is different from daytime and modeling make-up is far more dramatic than everyday.

We are not a modeling agency.  We do not book you on jobs.  We work behind the scenes to build your confidence, train you in that model walk, how to pose for the camera, how to interview and how to establish your best look for runway or print.

Whether it be working the catwalk or just learning what works for you in photography, we’ll work with you.

With proper modeling skills, it becomes easier for the photographer to capture that perfect photo.

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This is a self esteem booster!

We can also arrange a shoot for you with a Top Florida Photographer where you can practice and capture some great photos.

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