International Protocol

What one country views as acceptable behavior may be insulting to another!

Etiquette varies around the world.   We train Yacht Stewards, Flight Attendants, Corporations, Executives, Socialites, Individuals who travel extensively, and anyone who would like to expand their knowledge of protocol beyond the domestic boundaries of the United States.

For example, did you know that burping is acceptable in some countries?  It’s quite the compliment, actually.

  • Why should you avoid giving white flowers as a gift in some countries?
  • How does tipping vary?
  • Late or early for a meeting?  Which is it?
  • Shake hands or not?
  • In South America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and other smaller principalities, culture varies, sometimes dramatically, from country to country.

The Palm Beach School of Etiquette has an entire series of courses designed to enlighten you about other cultures, customs and acceptable protocol.

Avoid costly mistakes that may result in lost business opportunities or could lead to family rifts, dishonor, and broken relationships.

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You give us the country and we’ll train you on what to expect and how to honor that country’s traditions and protocol.

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