Image Consulting / Media Coaching

Our staff has worked with people that you see on television each week!

We’ve worked with Senatorial Candidates, Beauty Queens, Executives, Athletes and Authors – all seeking a new or improved image.

We will shop with you for the proper attire, arrange for hair and make-up make-overs and train you in the management of media interviews.

Never get caught off guard again and always look your best on camera and in public. 

The way you dress, speak and conduct interviews can make or break your image.

Many of turn into a bumble head when a microphone is placed into our face!  How many times has an athlete or political candidate said something on camera that they wish they could retract?  No need to panic when the media or paparazzi swarm you.  We’ll train you in how to be prepared, how to keep your calm and how to project only the positives.  Using video, we’ll show you how you look to the rest of the world and with a few tweeks, we’ll show you the difference!

From the time you enter a room, you have approximately  seven seconds to make an impression!

Seven seconds! 

Your entrance is carefully observed.  Are you slumped over?  Are your shoes dull?  Are your eyes nervous and wandering?  Is your belly hanging out of your skirt or pants? Are you a wallflower?

Your posture, your handshake, the articulation of your voice, the placement of your name tag, your steady and interested eye gaze – all feed into how seriously you’re taken and yes, all factor into “moving up the corporate ladder”.

The positive manner in which you handle email, speak on the telephone, manage dissension within your department, can all be learned tools that can enable you to more effectively mobilize your team.

Do you wanna know a dirty little secret?  Many CEO’s use a wine list as a testing ground.  Yes, indeed.  Handing the wine list to you, they will carefully make observations about you . . . whether you’re honest or not (How, you ask?  I’ll tell you when I coach you) and how you treat the service staff. They will observe you under pressure.  Coaching boosts your confidence. And . . .

Confidence equals respect.  Respect equals power!

You don’t have to be a tall, imposing figure to command respect.  Your body language and mannerisms, the way you utilize the art of small talk, your style of dress, combined with a healthy knowledge of your company, can catapult you to statuesque levels beyond a yardstick!

A few tweeks here and there can absolutely improve self-esteem, eliminate certain nuances, and turn around the way you’re accepted or perceived.

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Accomplished business executives, professional athletes, award winning novelists, actors and winning political candidates all need (and the many successful ones, receive) media and image consulting.

Working with you on camera, we show you the before and after. From posture to eye contact, to inflection, color and punch, we will guide you through the process of building solid public speaking skills and presenting…. with an air of confidence.

Contact us directly for media and etiquette information, public speaking, or media and image coaching.

Don’t let stage fright ruin your life!

By being proactive, you can feel better about yourself and change the way you’re perceived!

Let us help you shine!

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