Children’s Etiquette

Our precious children  . . . our future  . . .  our legacies.

We spend time with their studies, time with dance lessons, music lessons, athletic activities.  All are wonderful and
enriching and all help to shape a well-rounded child . . . but

what about Presentation Skills, Manners?

Does your child have the “it” factor? 

We must not neglect the basics that can enhance the way our children are viewed by all with whom they come in contact – teachers, classmates, friends and family!

Learning how to act and speak properly can absolutely set your child on a course for success!

  • How does your child handle peer pressure?
  • Does your child know how to dine at formal and semi formal tables?
  • Is your child shy?
  • How does your child handle hurtful gossip?
  • Does your child leave a favorable impression everywhere he or she goes?

We begin with Body Posture, Eye Contact, Handshakes and Introductions from the time your child passes the doorway.  We discuss how to include others, how to establish yourself as a leader in the eyes of others, working as a team, how to build the foundation now for future success, both in Corporate America, Abroad, as a future Parent, or as a Leader of the Community.

Children are sponges and children love discipline.  Etiquette is simply employing disciplined social graces – social graces that carry through your child’s entire life!  Watch your child blossom as he or she becomes more confident, improves self-esteem,  and learns that it’s okay to be polite, it’s okay to be proper.

Here at The Palm Beach School of  Etiquette, we not only teach manners, we teach common sense!

Etiquette spills over into every aspect of a child’s life.

We don’t just begin and end with Table Manners.  We apply etiquette to their everyday lives and the common struggles and conflicts that they will encounter.

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Private or Group Sessions


Computer and Social Site Etiquette

Peer Pressure and Etiquette

Playdate Etiquette

Public Speaking


Eye Contact


Thank Yous




Table Manners

Beach Etiquette

Stranger Danger

Telephone Etiquette

How to Include Others

Email and Texting Etiquette

Tipping and Money Etiquette

After completion of the Basic Level, join us for our optional Seven Course Dinner

at a local restaurant where we practice what we’ve learned.

Family and friends are invited!

We arrange seminars and training
at our location,or  yours!



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