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Is Patience More Than A Virtue? Our latest in Boca Parent Magazine!

The Marshmallow Test at Stanford University says a lot about patience and waiting, but what is amazing is what research shows about patient children later in life. They are more successful!

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Our NBC News Interview – Talking Politics At The Office

It took blowing a job interview for Sherry Thomas to learn that work and politics don’t mix. Years ago, the Boca Raton, Fla., woman was a finalist for a client management position at a private jet aircraft company. In the middle of her interview, the company’s owner barged in and began making snide remarks about a political party for which she’d done fundraising . . .

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Sherry Thomas – Body Language Expert – Billionaire John Goodman Trial – WPBF and CNN

When Sherry Thomas, a body language expert, looks at John Goodman’s testimony, she sees something from the moment he sits down in his chair. What are the clues that he’s telling the
truth . . . or not?

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John Goodman Trial - WPBF-News-Trial

The Coastal Star Features Palm Beach Etiquette

It’s never too early to begin teaching Manners and Life Skills!

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Coastal Star Etiquette Article March 2012

Money Lessons For Kids: Our feature in The Miami Herald

Sherry’s Tips On How To Teach Kids To Count Money, Respect Money, and Save Money.
Read the full Miami Herald article!

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The Palm Beach Post Features Schoolhouse Museum Classes

Do your posture test, look me in the eye, no slouching and get rid of fillers such as “like”, “ya know”, and “ummm”. That’s just the beginning.

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Palm Beach Post Kids Walking

Palm Beach Post Features Palm Beach Etiquette

A handshake is a signature – a part of who you are. It speaks volumes, says Sherry Thomas of Palm Beach Etiquette.

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Valentine’s Etiquette in Palm Beach Live Work and Play

Sherry Thomas is the CEO of Palm Beach Etiquette and an accomplished speaker and trainer and we at PalmBeachLWP are proud to have her as a contributor.

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Valentine’s Feature in Palm Beach Happening

With “love in the air”, there is nothing we love more than to have a Guest Post from Palm Beach County’s very own, Sherry Thomas (aka the Etiquette Queen).

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Palm Beach Etiquette Featured in The Sun Sentinel Feb. 8, 2012

Sherry Thomas of Palm Beach Etiquette brings her classes to the SchoolHouse Museum but she also wants to talk about her support group for women of Domestic Violence and Emotional Abuse.

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