Group Seminars

Groups, Companies, Organizations

Ask us about out Etiquette and Life Skills seminars for large groups and organizations!

We’ll come and spend the day,
or several . . . depending on your needs!

We custom tailor our programs so you take the lead on what we teach.  We can provide our basic sample coaching lesson plans or juggle things to suit your interests.  Simply review the topics that we cover and let us know.  It’s Etiquette and Life Skills a la carte!

Academic Institutions
We will design an after school program, elective class, continuing education, or wheel class for you and your participants.  All age groups love our Etiquette and Life Skills classes!

Our classes accentuate what you’ve already done for them academically.  Why stop there?  Arm your students with all they need to feel comfortable, to feel empowered, to gain self confidence and increase self esteem.  We work with you to custom tailor a program for your school and students’ needs!

Churches and Temples
We will arrange a series of seminars for children or adults.  You can offer this as a wonderful bonus to all that your religious institution offers!  Great before a wedding or bar or bat mitzvah!  Wonderful just to have in life.

Hotels and County Clubs
Schedule a series of seminars and coaching sessions and invite your members or the public!  Reach out to the community by donating a class or several sessions of Etiquette and Life Skills.  This is a huge draw for members, guests, and potential clients.

Spas and Salons
Offer a class as a treat to your clients.  You supply the wine and cheese . . . we supply the etiquette.  Let us train your staff in how to be prepared by knowing the client and their needs.  A little extra effort goes a long way in customer loyalty.

Restaurants and Banks
Do your employees need a refresher course in customer service?  Call us, we can help. How about treating your customers to an afternoon of Etiquette.  They’ll likely stay afterward for dinner or may open an additional savings account!


Ideal For

Schools and Universities

Human Resource Personnel

Hospital Systems

Athletic Organizations

Religious Institutions

Department Stores

Country Clubs






Dance Studios

Women’s and Men’s Clubs

Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Brownie Troops

Beauty Pageant Franchises and Forums

We give discounted rates for groups.


Quick Notes:
Hosts, Hostesses, Clerks, Cashiers – Please acknowledge your guests and clients as they arrive.  It only takes a moment to look up, smile, and let them know you’ll be with them shortly.  Set the tone by being pleasant and welcoming.

Patrons – Please be nice to the wait staff.  They work hard for a living.  Tipping is how they make their living for the most part.  Don’t eat your food and then complain.

A Sample of Topics Covered

Handshakes, Name Tags

How to Meet and Greet

The Art of Small Talk

Being a Good Guest

Telephone Etiquette

Executive Etiquette


Thank Yous

Table Manners

Email Etiquette

Dining Etiquette

Public Speaking

Customer Loyalty

Interviewing Skills

Being a Good Host

Working As a Team

Posture, Eye Contact

Proper Business Cards

Communicating Effectively