What To Look For When Choosing Your Business Etiquette or Corporate Etiquette Expert

Make sure you’ve seen footage of your trainer in action. This will give you an idea of personality!

What Does Your Body Language Say To Other People?

It takes approximately 17 times to change that first impression!

Quick Tips On How To Teach Table Manners

Graceful dining begins at home. Start with a diagram of a table setting and go from there.

How To Eat Spaghetti The Italian Way!

Who doesn’t love spaghetti? It’s a traditional favorite for young and old alike! But . . . some of us make such a mess with the slipping and sliding and the whirling and twirling that by the time we’ve had our first bite, a native Italian has finished half his meal! Try to master your […]

My mother-in-law is interfering in my wedding!

How to handle a meddling mother-in-law when it comes to my wedding. Help!!


Tipping is completely voluntary and in yesteryear, the word “tip” meant to give. What began as a generous overture to express appreciation for a job well done, has now evolved into something expected and almost mandatory.

Palm Beach Etiquette Featured In The Palm Beach Post

Sherry Thomas of Palm Beach Etiquette shares some gift giving tips for the holidays!

Thank A Veteran

While we slept on a feather pillow, they slept on a rock. While we watched our little boy take his first steps, they were serving.

Halloween Safety Tips and Manners

Review with your children the dos and don’ts of Halloween. Make it a safe holiday!

Dating Etiquette – Picking Up Your Date

Review with your kids the proper way to pick up a date. Earn respect from the parents and your date from the very beginning.