Kids Who Go Off To Military School Come Back With Good Manners

Why can’t schools find a place for a full fledged etiquette, soft skills and life skills curriculum?

July 4th Tips . . .This is the worst day for pet runaways!

July 4th tips – Be safe, Be mannerly and remember, this is the greatest time for pet runaways!

Whatever Happened to Respect For Elders and Customer Service?

What has happened to Respect and Customer Service? At a restaurant in Boca Raton this week, I was quite disturbed by what happened. A younger waiter was completely disrespectful to his senior co-worker.

Boca Parent Magazine – Teach Kids Presentation Skills Early

Sherry Thomas of Palm Beach Etiquette says it’s never too early to begin teaching Handshakes, Eye Contact, Presentation Skills. These boost confidence.

Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg Does Not Leave A Tip In Italy!

Billionaire Facebook Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, supposedly, with all his billions, did not tip the wait staff in Italy on a couple of occasions. Why?

The Presidential Pardoning Of The Turkey

Yes, a couple of turkeys are spared their lives each year but how did it really start and where do the turkeys go after their Presidential Pardon?

Call For Private Lessons!

Private lessons offer one-one-one attention. Watch confidence soar!

Boca Parent Magazine – Sherry Writes About Divorce

Divorce is tough on adults but for kids, it can be traumatic. Get it right when breaking it to the kids.

Palm Beach Etiquette Featured In The Palm Beach Post

Sherry Thomas of Palm Beach Etiquette shares some gift giving tips for the holidays!

Thank A Veteran

While we slept on a feather pillow, they slept on a rock. While we watched our little boy take his first steps, they were serving.