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About Sherry Thomas

“You can spot the ‘it’ factor a mile away,” says Sherry Thomas

She has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, and as a guest on TV and radio. Sherry is an author and for years served as a featured 3 Minute Guru for Boca Parent Magazine and a Professor of Life Skills and Etiquette at a Delray Beach College.

Sherry Thomas, President and Founder of Palm Beach Etiquette, is a leading Business Etiquette Expert, Corporate Trainer, Image Consultant and Life Skills Coach. She also teaches Etiquette to children, adults, and teens and can be found regularly at corporate events as a Keynote Speaker. Her manners are a credit to good parenting by a strict, mannerly father, a wonderful mother who placed her into Etiquette classes at an early age, and her Southern upbringing. She graduated with a degree in Psychology from Clemson University and has credited her education with helping her to better understand the needs of others. God comes first in her life and everything else follows, she believes.

Ms. Thomas has worked with many people that you see on television each week in the areas of Etiquette, Corporate Training, Public Speaking, Image Consulting, Drama Coaching, Pageant Coaching, Interviewing Skills and Techniques, Body Language, Media/Press Coaching, and Life Skills.

“A strong diet of good Manners, good Posture, along with an arsenal of Life Skills affect the way we’re perceived and can only enhance our chances of being viewed as the ‘leader’ or the one with the ‘it’ factor,” she asserts. “Like it or not, we all leave an impression after only seven seconds. It may take seventeen times to change that impression.” She believes that proper Etiquette in all areas of our lives is an integral part of how we’re seen, thus affecting our advancement in the workplace, recognition in the classroom, and our overall well being. In the business arena, “One of the most common complaints I hear from HR Personnel and Managers is that many employees seem ill prepared or underequipped to work as a team. Life Skills training can help.”

Sherry coined the phrases Public (and Private) Persona Optimization℠, meaning that if you practice certain techniques long enough in order to maximize your public perception, eventually those techniques and changes become a natural part of who you are, thus optimizing your private persona.

She is an author and 3 Minute Guru for Boca Parent Magazine, a Professor of Life Skills and Etiquette at a Delray Beach College and has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers and as a guest on radio shows.

She founded an online support group on Facebook called Women TELL US YOUR STORY – a closed, private group where women share their accounts of domestic violence – emotional and physical abuse. She herself, was abused and when the police did not pursue her case, she decided to move forward in a positive manner to help others. It is “gut-wrenching,” Ms. Thomas says, “to hear such horrible stories, yet it is uplifting to be amidst such unselfish, wonderful ladies who support each other through words of encouragement and point out resources that may offer assistance. No man, woman or child, not a one, should have to go to bed at night looking over their shoulder. It’s abominable and the abuse has to stop!”

“Confidence without arrogance ” ℠ is her favorite mantra.

She loves children and can often be seen in the middle of the floor with kids and teens of all ages, participating with them, instead of staring down at them.

In New York City, she was the talent coordinator for a modeling agency and as such, coached children for auditions and modeling, and worked with casting directors and photographers in the area of movies, commercials and print modeling. Her favorite memory is chasing a child or young adult off the bus (speaking to their parents first, of course), giving her card and saying, “call me.”

Once a New York City actress, she can still be found, occasionally on the stages somewhere, performing . . . just to keep the acting blood warm.

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“Posture is Powerful!